Repertory of the homoeopathic materia medica [electronic resource] by Kent, J. T. (James Tyler), 1849-1916. Repertorisation result will be shown in a table. admin August 6, 2019 0 Comments. Publication date 1897 Topics Homeopathy, Materia Medica Publisher Lancaster, Pa. : Examiner Printing House Collection wellcomelibrary; ukmhl; medicalheritagelibrary; europeanlibraries Digitizing sponsor Wellcome Library Contributor Wellcome Library Language English. They are distinctive. TEXT ID d554b865 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Repertory Of The Homoeopathic Materia Medica Homeopathy INTRODUCTION : #1 Repertory Of The ~~ eBook Repertory Of The Homoeopathic Materia Medica Homeopathy ~~ Uploaded By Penny Jordan, searchable repertory of the homeopathic materia medica james tyler kent repertory of james tyler kent note place mouse over rubric to display … STRANGE, RARE AND PECULIAR: These may occur among mentals, generals or particulars, a nd must therefore be of varying importance and rank. And again he says, ” When looking over a list of symptoms, first of all discover three, four, or five or six (or as many as may exist) symptoms that are strange, rare and peculiar: work these out first. “and then SEE TO IT THAT THERE ARE NO GENERALS IN THE CASE THAT OPPOSE OR CONTRADICT.’. See what long rubrics, with almost every drug in them! ?Û0! Features: *Complete repertory … TEXT ID b555c79c Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Repertory Of The Homoeopathic Materia Medica Homeopathy INTRODUCTION : #1 Repertory Of The " Book Repertory Of The Homoeopathic Materia Medica Homeopathy " Uploaded By Beatrix Potter, searchable repertory of the homeopathic materia medica james tyler kent repertory of james tyler kent note place mouse over rubric to display … George Vithoulkas - Repertory ^The epetoy has always been an indispensable tool in my practice. The absence of books on the desk may indicate experience and knowledge in many other professions. Margaret Tyler became one of the most influential homeopaths of all time. you cannot eliminate symptoms dependent on a disease which you have n0t diagnosed! Once the thread in hand, you can penetrate with ease its deepest recesses. )- they may put you straight off it! It us useful where patients are intolerant of both extremes of temperature. You may find that a patient is intensely jealous, or suspicious, or tearful, or indifferent to lived ones, or reserved and intolerant of sympathy and consolation. Underline them. with loves and hates, suspicions and fears. wiping out a symptom, and curing a patient, are not synonymous. But even the mental symptoms are graded. Therefore, remembering my own experiences, as one of the great uninitiated, and the illumination that came to me in what I then thought one of the most important if an important series of lectures, when the call came recently, in two urgent requests, one in this country and one in America, to put this paper into shape, I felt that I must answer it; must try to reproduce, in part anyway, the subject-matter of that lecture; so that others too may grasp the idea, and he made “free” of the Repertory. But what is the homoeopathic remedy? These must take a high place in the search for the remedy; but a place depending perhaps on their grade; for a peculiar mental would rank higher than a mere peculiar local symptom. This percentage has grown in certain repertories written and inspired by that of Kent following the addition of new or … Repertory free download - Homoeopathic Pocket Repertory, Homeopathy Basic Repertory, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and many more programs She qualified in medicine in 1903 at the age of 44 and served on the staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital until her death forty years later. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Margaret Lucy Tyler, 1875 – 1943, was an English homeopath who was a student of James Tyler Kent. But if it is very marked mental, or a very small rubric. Preface to First Edition This course of lectures on the Homeopathic Materia Medica was delivered at the Post- Graduate School of Homoeopathics. (* Yet I have a feeling that I may be able to deal with the question more helpfully than even the highest authority of all, or the men he has trained who, in their turn, taught me all that I know*), simply because I am unique among them in having experienced the difficulties of the uninitiated. Of second grade, those that effect the UNDER STANDING, with delusions, delirium; loss of the sense of proportions, with exaltation of trifles, delusions of grandeur, or persecution. Searchable Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica James Tyler Kent . A perfect application for homeopaths who wants a powerful yet easy to use application offline. When his wile fell ill in 1878, she did not respond either to eclectic or allopathic … Therefore to the uninitiated I offer this attempt at help; trusting that in the discussion that follows, the critics and experts may be able to point out any errors or fallacies; and that Dr. Kent himself will be moved to endorse or refute what is here put forth. Therefore beware how you take rare and peculiar symptoms, with only one or two drugs to their credit, as eliminating symptoms. WHEN one thinks of the bewilderment and despair of the uninitiated, engaged in a first tussle with Kent’s stupendous Repertory, one is haunted by the old-rime story in his chariot, reading as he journeyed, to whom a stranger joined himself with the pertinent question, “Understandest thou what thou readest?” and the prompt reply,”How can I, except some man should guide me?”. she is worse from music, she is sad before the M. Period, she is chilly during menses, during stool, during urination., Eliminate these from, she is always too warm, worse in a warm room, craves cool air, all symptoms come on when she is dressed too warmly, etc., etc. As Kent says, “the great trouble with keynotes is that they are missed. It was the lifework of James Tyler Kent. Besides pathological symptoms, there are COMMON SYMPTOMS; and these again will not help you greatly; qualified. But stiffness will not help you in your search for a remedy for that patient! The application contains about 75,000 descriptions of symptoms. Public Domain Text Converted into PDF Format by Nalanda 12 by JAMES TYLER KENT, A.M., M.D. If a mental trait is marked, and especially if it denotes change from the patient’s normal, it is of the utmost importance to the case; and you know that it must be in the same type in rubric as in patient; which means that only remedies in the higher types are likely to fit the case. It remains well-suited as the basis for solid repertorization. would be one of the symptoms that you CANNOT omit for this individual; therefore your remedy must be here. It is a question whether men trained from the start. But if we may not take the ailments complained of by the patient, and if we may not take the urgent and distressing symptoms dependent on a lesion, what in heaven’s name are we to take? Repertory of James Tyler Kent. It requires many provers of different types, and different defective resistances, to bring out the whole picture of a drug pathogenesis. Nothing disturbs me so much as the long letters I get from doctors who show how they have wasted time on useless particulars. PHYSICAL : Sexual perversions (loves and hates, physical) or those referred to stomach, as desires and aversions for foods; for hot and cold foods and drinks; appetite; thirst. Kents Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica Expanded by Dr. P.Shivaraman published in the year 1994, running edition is the reprint of the third edition.The important changes made are i) Page numbers for the cross referanse ii) “—“or the sub rubrics were added as followed by Dr. Lippe in his repertory. To eliminate with safety, you must take symptoms seriously, not lightly. For without the knowledge of what you do want, without the all important grading of symptoms (i, e, the realisation of their comparative value) life is too short, even when you have mastered its construction, to use the Repertory as your habitual guide in prescribing. Or conversely, if the patient is a hot patient, and intolerant of heat in every form, why only the hot remedies in each rubric need to be considered: you can throw out the chilly ones. William G. Boericke was an Austrian-born American physician and ardent, influential exponent version partly because of its then final inclusion of a mini- repertory by his … Do not risk missing your remedy for an ill-marked mental, or a very small rubric. Notice whether there is anything in the case that opposes this one., If there is nothing, then give it. You will observe that there are both hot and cold remedies in this list. But, what do you want?. They will not help you one scrap. It occurs on p.1312 of the Repertory. That is what we go to the Repertory to discover. With this guide, this strong eliminating symptom, straight from “the heart of the patient’s heart,” as it were, you can go through the rubrics of the patient’s symptoms in their order (i.e., mentals first, then generals, then particulars with modalities), taking from each list only the remedies that appear in this first rubric, (insane jealousy, or whatever it be), but taking all these jealous remedies from every subsequent list. It would be a “common” symptom. This method presupposes a highly trained-sensed patients. For to quite know what we want to find will simplify our work, and greatly limit our labours. Cross-reference is given in main heading itself. But before considering where to look for what we want, let us pause for a moment to consider what we want to find. If too lightly used, there is always the risk of throwing out the remedy you need from the very start. Dyspnoea, on the contrary, with nothing grossly mechanical to account for it, might lead to the consideration of certain remedies, especially if qualified by some modality, as “worse in wet weather-on waking-during sleep.” Or again, frequency of micturition, with a morbid growth impacted in the pelvis, would not help you in the choice of a remedy. Enquire further, and see if you cannot make it useful. He was a great scholar and a voracious reader. The Shifa – Kent Repertory, Cyrus Boger Maxwell Repertory, BBCR Repertory, Materia Medica is a complete repertorising tool. It is this dread of missing the remedy that leads some of us to expend such an the remedy that leads some of us to expend such an enormous amount of labour on our cases, and to use methods that Kent describes as “hard and arduous, entailing an enormously larger amount of work than he does in his cases.” This he stigmatises as “working uphill.”. If he is worse from motion, you cannot omit that, unless it is common, which means if due to inflammation. A patient’s own individual remedy, prescribed on mental and general symptoms, will often wipe out peculiar symptoms that it has never been recorded as having evoked and which are the striking keynotes of some other remedy. “When you have taken a case on paper, you must settle upon the symptoms that CANNOT be omitted in each individual. This selection will continuously be supplemented, so visit us again. Besides hot and cold remedies, Kent has a smaller rubric of remedies affected by both heat and cold. If you are treating merely a case of some named disease, and attempt to hunt that disease through Repertory and Materia Medica, you are very unlikely to discover the curative remedy. You can turn up, in a moment, what you want. What we want to find, is, of course, the homoeopathic remedy. If you see the keynotes of Arsenicum, next see to it that the patient is chilly, sensitive to air, fearful, restless, weak, pale, must have the pictures on the wall hung straight, and Arsenicum will cure. Books & Journals » A Study of Kents Repertory by Dr.Margaret Tyler » Study of Kent Repertory, A comprehensive Study of Kent Repertory regarding it’s philosophy, structure and placement of specific symptom by DR. MARGARET TYLER. There are many pitfalls! TEXT ID b555c79c Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Repertory Of The Homoeopathic Materia Medica Homeopathy INTRODUCTION : #1 Repertory Of The ~ Repertory Of The Homoeopathic Materia Medica Homeopathy ~ Uploaded By Jin Yong, searchable repertory of the homeopathic materia medica james tyler kent repertory of james tyler kent note place mouse over rubric to display remedies mind … 31.10.2020 pinyd 166. They have not! To begin with, drugs have seldom been pushed far enough to produce pathological lesion; and if your work is based on pathological changes, you are done. KNOW Homoeopathy 1,561 views Then see how many remedies you have; perhaps only three or four, perhaps only one. Again, supposing many drugs had been pushed so far as to produce Pneumonia, for instance, each would produce not only a pneumonia with symptoms peculiar to itself, but would also elicit symptoms peculiar to individual provers, so that you would still need to individualise, in order to cure. They may, it is true, lead to the exhibition of a more or less palliative remedy-palliative to the pressing distress; they are useless for the selection of the curative drug. As Kent says, “Get the strong, strange, peculiar symptoms, and then SEE TO IT THAT THERE ARE NO GENERALS IN THE CASE THAT OPPOSE OR CONTRADICT.”, But there may be no very marked mental symptoms, but the patient may be a very chilly patient, utterly intolerant of cold. Kent s Repertory was the main tool of a generation of classical homeopaths and has in ß uenced the structure of the most common newer repertories due to its clear layout. Note: Place mouse over rubric to display remedies. ‘Homoeopathic repertory’, is an index of symptoms, listed after each symptom are the remedies that are associated with it. always examine your patient with care before you start with the repertory. The actual patient, to begin with! Never start on these. Why, the homoeopathic remedy is always that drug which, in its pathogenesis, exhibits the morbid symptoms of the actual patient we desire to cure. Comparative Anatomy Of The Vertebrates George C Kent. Dyspnoea, with an enlarged thyroid, in part impacted behind the clavicles, would be intensely distressing to the patient; but it would not be an important symptom, unless qualified, so far as repertory work was concerned. _ James Tyler Kent M.D 16 . Kent says, “When you have taken a case on paper you must settle upon the symptoms that CANNOT be omitted in each individual.” Such a marked mental-mental being of the highest grade! Application "Homoeopathic Repertorium" is designed for the selection of homoeopathic remedies on the patient's symptoms. But without the clue, you are hopelessly lost. This is to avoid mis allintment. You will be able to use them to help to find the remedy. Then those symptoms, as Kent puts it, “strange, rare and peculiar, therefore among the highest generals; because strange, rare and peculiar must apply to the patient himself.”. Of third and lowest mental grade, those that relate to MEMORY. Take the question of thirst; your patient has fever, and is extremely thirsty. Had more drugs been more extensively proved, many more “rare, peculiar and distinctive” symptoms would probably have seen the light. So you may find that there are a great many symptoms, very pressing to the patient, that you may discard at once, since they will not help you one scrap in your search for the remedy. But they will cause you an immense amount of work, if you elect to start on them. It is a waste of time to run out all the little symptoms if the remedy has the generals. A patient with ankylosis is necessarily stiff. This app incorporates all of the Repertory material with a patient database and a simple method of saving material to the cloud. It is a common, an inevitable symptom in ankylosis, accounted for by the pathological changes. Repertories are often very extensive and may include data extracted from multiple sources of materia medica. What fascinates me the most about Phatak’s Repertory is how small, concise and precise the book is! (Every inflamed and swollen joint is worse from motion, hence in that case, aggravation from motion is not worth much). However, with the publication of Kent’s repertory in 1897, it receded to the back stage. Pathologists know that drugs produce pneumonia or sciatica; what they do not know is that they produce a modified sciatica or pneumonia. Write them down high in your list, but use them with care. In such a case you may limit your labour often, by throwing out from each rubric the hot remedies, intolerant of heat, as you work down your list. your own Pins on Pinterest In both Kent and Boenninghausen, symptoms are split in many ways to suit the structure of the repertory. You see how a common and useless symptom may be transformed into one of Kent’s “strange, rare and peculiar, therefore general symptoms-because strange, rare and peculiar must apply to the patient himself. Supposing you find that the thirst is at one particular hour; or only during the cold stage, or before it; or that it is for large quantities, or small; or that there is thirstlessness during the period of high temperature only; or a ranging thirst with no desire to drink; why, these things are peculiar to individual patients and to fewer drugs, and are therefore of importance.
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