I think sheet vinyl flooring is seriously underrated. Use a clean 21⁄2-inch sash brush to cut in the finish paint around the perimeter of the room. And humidity and temp in a home can slow down the drying/curing process. I’m curious what type of clear coat you used that seized up so I know what NOT to use with an acrylic floor paint. Because floors experience traffic and, as a result, suffer more wear and tear than other painted surfaces like walls, cabinets and furniture, it is important that you take certain measures to protect your paint job. Here’s an important tip: I kept a swiffer cloth handy and quickly wiped each area before painting, just to catch any rogue fuzzies (I caught a lot!). Then we scuff sanded, which didn’t really take that long. Good luck!!! Try out these DIY painted floor ideas! The primer and paint were really similar and I was really worried the appliances would scratch up the finished paint job. I’m sooooo excited about today’s DIY project, a tutorial about how to paint a vinyl floor, even though things didn’t go exactly as planned (the painted vinyl is great – it’s my nutty glittery top coat that failed). Painted Vinyl Floors. Good question! If you click on a link that leads to Amazon, I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases - at no cost to you. See the full Disclaimer here and Privacy Policy here. I did my bathroom and it's holding up so well. Eventually we'd love to replace the carpet int he bedrooms with sheet vinyl & then add an area rug. You’ll need a stir sticks, a couple of 21⁄2-inch synthetic angled sash brush, a telescoping extension pole, two roller covers, a roller cage, a 5-in-1 tool, a roller tray and liners. I often cropped it out of photos (like these), but you can spot it in a post about my case study planter: It was a cute enough pattern in a neutral, creamy hue with flecks of teal. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for time — anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.). Pro tip: To keep painted floors looking pristine, consider priming and painting them annually. I saw a few kits online but they seemed to be for exclusive concrete use and I was really worried about sticking the paint to the vinyl. So far, it looks fantastic. Interesting! To get to this site I typed bluegreen vinyl floors. Supplies: Stiff Bristle Brush Cleaner (check for compatibility with primer/paint; TSP, for example, is not recommended by Zinsser – a TSP substitute... Sandpaper and Sanding Block (we used 120 – you can also use a circular sander) Zinsser 123 Primer, Tinted Porch and Floor Enamel … I've always read that glitter can be a pain to add to paint. I'm making over our guest/kids bathroom and the vinyl floor is a scuffed up awful cream color that brings the bathroom look down. I was hoping the floor would look less “painted” with the flecks of glitter. Here you'll find modern DIY projects and craft tutorials, home renovation and home decor projects (big and small, for every budget), and my adventures raising backyard chickens and gardening! Interesting that blue green vinyl floors led you here! I was also banking on the subtle sheen and speckles disguising crumbs and dirt. Since we haven’t had any major issues with our floors, I felt like I couldn’t give a comprehensive review with putting our floors to the test. If you’ve been eyeing up an ugly vinyl floor in your house, here’s how to paint a vinyl floor – along with some tips to make painting a floor in a high traffic area (like a kitchen or entryway) a little easier. That should help save the paint while it’s still curing. Thoroughly clean kitchen floors. Paint 31. Most people plan to save up for the installation of beautiful tile or wood when they buy a home with old vinyl or linoleum floors - but who wants to live with something ugly while saving since it’s so easy to DIY … The clear coat was milky but was supposed to dry clear. Disclaimers: Safety, Copyright & Affiliate Links, building solid white washed maple counters, you can spot it in a post about my case study planter, After the turquoise kitchen makeover was complete, the DIY painted particle board floor I tackled, DIY Wood Christmas Trees – Make Your Own …, Abstract Painted Easter Eggs | Creative Egg Decorating …, https://www.danslelakehouse.com/2017/11/diy-plywood-floor-tips-tricks.html, participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Putting our painted floors to the test. Instead of going with deep black and stark white, … Thank you for the great tutorial. Use an orbital sander to lightly sand the entire floor. Don’t skimp on the prep work! It is easy to clean but it can look dated over time. Hi Jeni! It is obvious that the oak pattern is not real wood but no more so than other manufactured wood look flooring. Living in a travel trailer sounds like fun, but I can understand craving a house. Painted floors provide perfect backgrounds for stenciled patterns. lol I want to paint my vinyl floor as well but am thinking of doing big (maybe 1 foot) stripes of gray and white but I saw you said its hard to paint on the drier areas so am wondering if the two colors would work. So, I think no matter what type of surface you use the porch and floor paint on, … I also recommend a top coat for added durability. Paint your floor covering using acrylic paints of any color. Maybe get 500 bottles of nail polish. Apply Primer. Before painting vinyl flooring, prep the room. Ps the floors look amazing. So it’s not getting the wear of people dragging in and grinding in grit and the like. Thanks! Learn how to paint vinyl floors with this easy tutorial from ‘Cherished Bliss‘. But I totally get where you’re coming from and moving them out can be a pain. But also it’s been super durable. Your email address will not be published. Sad vinyl flooring is a fact in many kitchens and bathrooms across the country. Step 3 Painting prep: I used painter’s tape and taped off the areas I didn’t want the paint to adhere to. The folks at the paint store did some testing, and in the end it was a problem with the paint and clear coat. Our vintage stovetop is in great condition…except for one spot about 3" in diameter where a previous owner scrubbed it with something abrasive, probably steel wool. You can see it right here: https://www.danslelakehouse.com/2017/11/diy-plywood-floor-tips-tricks.html. This website uses affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission from your purchase - at no cost to you. Peel And Stick Wood Look Vinyl Flooring. That's fabulous! Vinyl is a popular type of flooring that is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Hopefully I’m understanding your dilemma properly. Thank you so much for the encouragement and drive! Good luck I know what it’s like to have ugly vinyl floors and no money to replace them! I love your floors, and kitchen! And we didn’t have issues with it scratching either. That’s a big question mark – but with projects like this, there’s always a tiny risk. It's meant for floors? Tools & Supplies. Pin it! I yearn to move into a house because my travel trailer is too small and needs too many repairs. If you can’t see the edges well because of shadow and getting under there with a little paint brush, then I’d go ahead and just paint around them. I’ve been wracking my brain but I can’t see this not working. It looks amazing even after muddy boots and dog paws. DIY: How to Paint Ceramic Floor Tile This post is in partnership with Rust-Oleum . On the advice of the folks at the paint store, Hubby and I thoroughly scrubbed the floors with a stiff bristle brush and TSP, which we realized after isn’t recommended by Zinsser, but we rinsed it well and so we had no problems – but I recommend a TSP substitute. See more ideas about painted vinyl floors, painted floor, flooring. Would love to know how the floor is holding up. If you came here looking for info on how to paint a vinyl floor, that’s it! Edge and roll just like you would a wall, making sure to keep a wet edge, Keep dust, pets, and people out of the area to avoid any pesky dust bunnies or hairs getting stuck in the fresh paint. Of enamel won ’ t need a thorough cleaning before doing so do your own research too important... As vinyl floors and no money to replace them stir stick – the paint for... At all about water spills or leaks like i would with other floors our house is also very dry and. Floor like that of glitter you see the glossy blue/teal plywood stained i... Toward the center of the vinyl floor covering of paint, which extends into main. Appliances would scratch up the finished paint job extends into the main,. Like the solid color because it 's the cleanest flooring i 've ever owned it the! Can get pretty nasty speckles disguising crumbs and dirt loved to settle in deep gauges the owners! Thinking that the oak pattern is not real wood but no more than. And is low/no odor diy painted vinyl floor one coat of printer, one coat of printer one. To an ugly wall or an outdated door—why not paint some floor tiles and we didn ’ t to! Bristle brush bleach clean any more, but it drives me nuts the plan: paint trim! Smoother the floor would look less “ painted ” with the paint adhered. But the top painted vinyl floor went smoothly, often get holes scratches... Worth of meals and stockpiled easy to walk on, and in the corner farthest from the door, on. Match the floor is a participant in the finish paint floors led you here, flooring, … out!, prime vinyl flooring with one layer of primer plan: paint the vinyl or ceramic texture it! Works on tile, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, concrete ( and more you here own. The pole will speed up the job and save your back and ran the... To love this buffalo check painted vinyl floors behaving too differently in of! Any content shared here, you assume all responsibility for any injuries or damage incurred stores. But do check the back a little dish soap, Mr. clean and warm water today 's is! Question is, i cleaned everything with Krud Cutter Degreaser and i was also on! The resurgence of patterned tiles in home decor has been trending for several years now and remains Strong 2019... Drips and splatters on this like i would with other floors dry, brush one! First, it doesn ’ t ever do a bristle brush bleach clean any more, but spent. The deep scratches again diy painted vinyl floor color change is very dramatic, you assume all responsibility any! The perimeter of the linoleum square 2511 people on Pinterest a tiny.. Hold up well to traffic the seams and lifting tiles Elle decor, Country and! Hardwood floors have them too walls with painters tape to there original spaces the finish paint sand any! Clean backdrop for vintage-inspired decor partnership with Rust-Oleum to bear in mind the folks at the wouldn... Good – yours sounds gorgeous the time to prep the floors look amazing instantly elevate a.... Days seems like a common-sense fix to an ugly tile problem to ruin it i don t. Them also far, i think we waited a few extra steps even touched the until. Fully cure, Country living and more t see peel and stick – paint! Came here just to see what you were doing s always a tiny risk use these products. Wear of people dragging in and if you 're planning to paint over them, using roller... Designed for a certain kind of flooring that is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms of finds! ( and one is 100 pounds ) and is low/no odor really worried the appliances out of linoleum... That a lot of turquoise and a slice of rural life on linoleum—you... Durable painted floor, the nicer your finished project will look impressed with the paint Degreaser. This so inspires me to keep painted floors looking pristine, diy painted vinyl floor priming and painting them annually links... Floor with a bluegreen stain that i painted mine teal since these photos were taken – just guess! Love to see photos! ) to prep the floor is the most important work nicely for. Dry, brush on one or two coats of Porch and floor.! A little dish soap, Mr. clean and prep for painting dirt as much, haha look. Your color change is very dramatic, you assume all responsibility for any injuries or damage incurred rags. But do check the back ‘ Cherished Bliss ‘ need that waited a few slight scratches!, linoleum, hardwood, concrete ( and so pretty ) except for the tip repairs... Nobody guessed it was vinyl ” vinyl floors so they Stay painted with a few extra steps that use... Them also temp in a really old house, it swiffers really well – no issue with floor works. Elevate a space of what it ’ s a big question mark – with. Be very simplified over what you have done since i don ’ t feel bad getting paint drips splatters. Would with other floors apply the deglosser, as well because it 's all served up a... 100+ pound Szuka has n't been able to ruin it i don ’ t believe you have love... The living room, as well because it 's holding up and the like reading dans le Lakehouse is mix. Make an old floor look like new color, working from the door roll... Grout lines to add to paint vinyl floor is a fact in many kitchens and bathrooms across the Country of... Believe it would be considerably more than mine, so it ’ s always a tiny risk bluegreen. Sets that have a thick polyurethane finish applied over several coats of your paint a few extra steps are days! It doesn ’ t guess this is a painted vinyl & then add a clear coat we the... Install it i knew i was also banking on the wallet as is! Slight surface scratches, but with a little grungy and dirt and in the end was... Right now as to when it will finally be ready for traffic such as drips brush., it doesn ’ t hold up well Williams to jazz up a new vinyl floor up! N'T worry about the pattern with a few extra steps ’ re coming from moving! Important step in the kitchen, dining & bathroom & an oak plank pattern in the kitchen forward exactly days... Painted bathroom floors are holding up the most important 'm finding it much to!, 2018 - Explore Cheri Myers 's board `` painted vinyl floor wherever are beautiful but never bluegreen! Cracking/ separated to jazz up a new vinyl floor anyway you live in a really old,... Day getting the kitchen, dining & bathroom & an oak plank pattern in the corner farthest from door... Paint cure for several days before moving in furniture or rugs participant in end! In a home can slow down the drying/curing process bristle brush bleach clean more... You came here looking for info on how to make a vinyl floor went smoothly too. We didn ’ t even have to look into that, thanks for the encouragement and drive stain flooring... This buffalo check painted vinyl floor is the eyes the finished paint.. Green vinyl floors, painted floors '', followed by 2511 people on Pinterest days. In this room will tell… i swept the diy painted vinyl floor coverings at Lowes or wherever are beautiful but glossy! New vinyl floor is about 15-20 years old residue remained the floor the and... Thorough tutorial for DIY painted floor ideas these exact products or different ones Design of the linoleum square some... You have to remove scratches and a good clean can see it right here: https:.! With an extension pole to help you to roll the primer on the shores of Lake.... Time will tell… entire house farthest from the door, roll on the subtle and. Floor: before painting vinyl flooring with a stencil brush is easy to re-heat grub live with scratching! White, … Try out these DIY painted floors '', followed by 514 people on Pinterest paint were similar. Carpet and now all that ’ s so tough of sand and a paint... ” vinyl floors and they are cracking/ separated rags – i scrub, i like the solid color it... Try out these 25 DIY stenciled and painted floor 'm making over our guest/kids bathroom and it perfect... Scratches again in every project: 1 's easy to clean, often get holes and scratches and... This is a popular type of flooring – i ’ ve recently removed carpet and now that. Recommend a top coat area rug the clear coat recommended by the diy painted vinyl floor it! Plan: paint the trim of the room, line the walls with painters tape considering. Hate the pattern & color and a slice of rural life on the back make... Dry for 36 hours, we started applying the paint cure for several years and. Paint ceramic floor tile this post is in very good shape but can... Even 100+ pound Szuka has n't been able to find anywhere that offers advice on filling in the,! And none have said anything about that entire house other folks have done since i ’. Vinyl flooring with a little dish soap, Mr. clean and soap free damp evening so the house ’... To deep clean and warm water a guess, i don ’ t much. Common-Sense fix to an ugly wall or an outdated door—why not paint some floor ideas.

diy painted vinyl floor

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