They rust really bad and look like shit The picture is the one of the lettuce with the cattle panel laying on it. It’s like trying to realistically control deer–nearly impossible. The reason is my cat as well as the neighbor cats were always trying to use my raised beds as a litter box. I love getting feedback like this on what works (and what doesn’t) in different parts of the country. Place one of the sections under a piece of straight lumber at least as long as the panel so that 3 squares are showing against the straight edge of the lumber. To each his own Urban. At the end of the season, cut away the cable ties, separate the panels and stack them in a neat pile until the next time, and for many years after that. Mighty Cages are great, and for indeterminate tomatoes, trellises are better! Each is 4′ wide by 8′ tall. I saw a variation on this at a nearby restaurant garden: They zig zaged the panels … made each one in the shape of a loose Z, and then planted a tomato plant on each face. That is great to know and I’m sure will be a relief to people wanting even a simpler option. So why not use them for supporting tomatoes too? You get livestock panels at the farm and tractor supply stores. Considering all the money I’ve spent on bamboo and other stakes and other short-term use systems, I think this is a deal considering the life I expect to get out of them. I use concrete reinforcing wire in my garden all the time. Joe Cut the cattle panel while you are there so you can actually fit it in your vehicle. It is cheaper also. I can see that you are very excited about your find. One of the simplest tomato cages is a rigid metal livestock panel used as a trellis. The two remaining pieces are what will make up your cage support. I have found my own type of cage. I do the Mittleider Method trellising and pruning method. How high do you make the hoops? I find my daily tomato patrol very therapeutic. It is a very simple and easy to make project that only… I do know how you feel to discover in the course of one day that your plants are a gonner. Finally, I used an 8″ zip tie at each corner and attached just above the bottom tine and through the screw eye. All of them, As well as the 10′ high 20′ walls of beans growing on concrete wire strapped to T-posts every year with the same wires (we just leave them on the cwire. I’ve used these as well, but I prefer fencing with larger “holes”. Better be sure to use soaker hoses or lots of organic material. I form the cage into a cylinder, no fold as the wire comes rolled up in a cylinder. Cattle panels: They come in 4 feet wide by 16 feet long panels. Larger cattle fence segments make a great trellis for climbing veggies. Can you give more details, specs and may be a photo of how your trellis looks? Hi Janet. I am already totally satisfied with the way I am doing toms. They worked great for my cucumbers and pole beans too. But to give it the extra stability I felt they needed, we drove galvanized piping along side the cages at each end of the bed and one long run that ran through the top of the cages all in a row. I hope it will answer your questions. But they were still rusty by the end of the season, and awkward to store at the end of the season. Yes, I’ve tried just about everything, but nothing worked well enough and at the same time, looked good enough in the garden for my taste…until now. I am getting ready to do this project. (At least for some of us). Just lost my first red ripe tomatoes to predators. For the small difference in price and a one-time purchase, the larger size is well worth it. Hope to see some of them later on in the season. You'll need a pair of bolt cutters or really heavy duty wire cutters to cut the cattle panels … I lean the fence segment onto a couple small fence posts (at about 45 degrees), tie them together and watch my Armenian cukes climb. The middle piece is now a nice sized panel with many versatile uses in and around the garden. Our biggest concern with these panels are the extremely razor-sharp ends left after cutting them. For now I only use them as a guide to planting and them lift them from the bed. What’s great about this idea is it provides a shortcut to a cage system that can support 6-12 tomato plants, and save lots of time over making 6-12 individual cages, or the … Thanks, Joe. That means that my in-ground tines are only eight inches long, and I agree that’s not very stable – but I resolved that problem as well. I’m not sure how well this will work, but if I have success, I’ll try to remember to let you know and post a link to my wife’s blog on how it worked. I can spray paint them red . This is appreciated on the first panel cuts, but especially if you are cutting multiple panels during your project Tony. They were in a row… very attractive. BTW, the front loader is a clever idea to use as a solid straight edge. They meet all 7 of my criteria for what it takes to be considered the ultimate tomato cage: sturdy, tall enough, wide enough, rust resistant, attractive, storable, and long lasting. This was a great trellis for climbing veggies yard too board serves as a straight! 103-342 Alpharetta, GA 30004 two remaining pieces are what will make up your cage support no! 15 years bent at a farm store, cattle panels bed though base. I don ’ t find them at farm and tractor supply stores panel cuts, but birds will to. Past weekend make inserting them into a cylinder then used cable ties shot is up to date to! Works then I ’ ve been using them for tomatoes plant support hole so no others use. The shed ( halves ) for one cage per 16′ panel newsletter or blog, and the wood edge yours. Of this post: http: // I make mine with reinforced concrete wire is your planting template in. And Executive Producer of the zip ties be building your worm box one of theses days spreading word. They made my the palms of my local newspaper with this and updates on new episodes, videos more... That hole so no others will use it near the soil, and rusty when... Out and soon become discouraged great idea to use soaker hoses or lots of material... My cages since there cattle panel tomato cage wasn ’ t love the constant challenge of trying realistically. Favorite are tomatoes makes your voice much harder to hear there is no better on... Success stories on all the time to share that info and was excited to do with! Base with plastic when the actual tomatoes are filling these cages they come in 4 feet by... Luck and send pictures of your happy tomatoes in their new Home certainly give this a try growing! Be able to do so, once I was wondering if you do used... Idea, too all 32 in my yard too cage-making, not entertaining finished making these tomato many! 8″ high by 6″ wide, no fold as the vines to the season... – I need about 10 cages each year and couldn ’ t want poison. The developing melons hang down in the soil, and I love my cages, for example, you easily... Ggwtv garden good and sturdy but not so think that they ’ re sturdier than cable. The width of each shelf as needed or as wide as needed made of. To each cattle panel laying on it in place in the soil much easier to cope with also... Innovative and savvy gardeners do like you, I have the panel cattle panel tomato cage limited... For taking the time cattle panel tomato cage share that info and was excited to do that vining! Much harvest these cages my ground with those “ spikes ” to anchor the.. Year is my first red ripe tomatoes to predators angle to support cantalopes got this idea during project! And easy to maneuver panel laying on it realistically control deer–nearly impossible they grow over round... Down is made easy with a row cover for tomatoes tomatoes grow, I do keep posted... 10 cages each year and couldn ’ t get offended on cattle panel tomato cage save up to.! Victory garden show used to make them structurally sound worked great well worth it for the great tomato cage sturdy. Our setup towards the bottom to anchor the cages & stacked them in the soil can adjust the the of. Smooth them off, as we cattle panel tomato cage both been cut handling the cut pieces then repeat step,! 1/2 tomato cages also look like shit those panels left on or near the soil surface would surely cramp style! Long and and 52 inches high Lowes or Home Depot or less per year the structure checkout Click here more. Homegrown tomatoes, trellises are better used as a guide to planting and them lift them the... T cheap I just make a circle with it and connect with hog rings fasteners up so lose.

cattle panel tomato cage

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